Duvet Days, Rainy Haze…

So here it is; a new year, a new me. Hello 2016 here is my first post.

Rippled, messy duvets, a stern English tea and the rain above our heads. There is nothing more satisfying than having shelter when the weather is at its worst. We feel protected and have almost the opposite to what we would have if we were outside. The comforts of warm, snuggly, relaxing items are the ones we love so dearly.


Personally, i set myself the goal of  stepping out of my house for at least an hour each day so that I feel I have done something productive- no matter how big or small it is. Yet there are days where you can have a valid excuse to do nothing at all; rain. Rain is a type or weather that is loved or hated- I on one hand, hate it where others love the sensation of water falling on them. On the other hand, it reminds me of autumn and winter (which in my opinion, is the best time of the year!)


I’m writing this post about the good days I have that include rain because it’s the type of day that just makes you feel good. It’s the type of day when you can have a boiling hot bath early in the morning, a proper non-rushed good cup of British tea, a thorough read of a book you have been meaning to read, quite possibly an extra dose of over intended internet browsing and a good snuggle in your most comforting blanket under your duvet. A day spent doing the little things but really are the best things. Some people may call it a ‘me’ day because as it entitles, it is a day which is centred around you.


Don’t feel guilty for it… You deserve it xxx

“The time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time.”